I'm a cinematographer, actor, director, and photographer from Northport, Alabama. I have worked in the industry for over six years now - through four years of training at the University of Alabama, working as Alabama Gymnastics' Student Creative Director as well as working on my own freelance contracting. Bouncing around from DP to Director, Key-Grip to 2nd AC to 1st AC, I have experience in various roles and understanding filmmaking in multiple ways. 

I have worked on several different works ranging from: 

Alabama Gymnastics (Student Creative Director), Alice Magazine, Narrative Films, Award-winning Short Films, Music Videos, Award-winning Dance Films, Studio Photography, Weddings, Athletic Teams/Live Events, and everything in between. 

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  • "Best cinematography" - Energies of Woman            dance alabama film festival 

  • "Best EDITING" -               A.I,                                          dance alabama film festival  

  • "Best OF THE FEST" -               A.I,                                          dance alabama film festival  

  • "Best CAPSTONE FILM" - Energies of Woman            dance alabama film festival  

  • Energies of Woman (DP)      Frame x Frame Film Festival Black Warrior Film FestivaL

  • GAS? (Director)                    Black Warrior Film Festival  (Best Comedy Nominee)

  •  PLUM  (Assist. Camera Op.)   Paris Film Festival                    Black Warrior Film Festival 

  • CHEW (DP)                                            Black Warrior Film Festival 

  • Whirlwind (DP)                               - Black Warrior Film Festival

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